Classwork – 14 – 10 – 2012, Sunday

14 Oct

English :

We have to write a summary of the chapter “The Kidnapping of Clarissa Montgomery”.

Should be about five lines.

Computer Science :

Page 8 :

1  .  Define a PC Card.

A  .  A PC Card is a credit card – sized device that we inst into a special slot in our portable computers.

2.  Name the possible devices you can add using PC Cards.

A.  Memory, Modem, wired or wireless network adapters, USB ports, Firewall parts, external disk drive, and sound cards.

3.  List out the types of PC Cards.


  • Type 1 card.
  • Type 2 card.
  • Type 3 card.

4.  How do you insert and remove PC cards ?

A.  To insert the PC card :

Insert the device into and empty PC card slot on your notebook.

To remove the PC card :

To remove the PC card, click the safely remove hardware icon.

Page 9 :



6. Explain about PC Card Slots.

A.  Most portable PCs ave one or two PC card slots varying by type. A type 1 card slot can hold only type 1 cards. A type 2 slot can hold two type 1 and 1 Type 2 cards.A type 3 card slot and hold on type 3 card, two Type 1 cards and two type 2 cards or one each of type 1 , 2 and 3 cards. 




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