Classwork – 6 – 11 – 2012, Tuesday

6 Nov

Science :

Topic : Habitats Changing

Objective : To know how habitats change with seasons and how animals and plants cope with these changes.

Answers for questions on Page 46 :

a.  What does nocturnal mean ?

A.  Nocturnal means active at night.

b.  Sea anemones live in rock pools. How are they adapted to survive tidal changes ?

A.  They close up when the tide is out so they can conserve water and to prevent dehydration and open up again when the tide is in.

Arabic :

We have done some work in Arabic which cannot be typed easily.

Follow the steps below :
These three pics are to be copied down in the same order as they are now :






Click on the images to full screen them.

Mathematics :

Page 46 : Exercise 2m (whole)


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