Classwork – 22 – 11 – 2012, Thursday

22 Nov

Urdu :

Make sentences from the following muhawaras :

jee chrana
خون خشك هونا
دم دبا كر بهاكنا
باغ باغ هونا
kabar main paun latka ke baithna

Science :

Objective : To learn :

  • the types of reflection
  • properties of a plane mirror image.
  • laws of reflection

Regular Reflection

  • Light rays are parallel to each other.
  • takes place on smooth, shiny surfaces.
  • Also called as smooth or clear reflection.

Irregular reflection

  • Light rays are scattered in different directions.
  • takes place on rough, dull surfaces.
  • Also called as diffuse or rough reflection.

Properties of Plane Mirror

  • The image produced is upright.
  • The image is same size as the object.
  • The image is the same distance from the mirror as the object appears to be.

Mathematics :

Objective :

To identify hypotenuse, adjacent side and opposite side is a right angled triangle.

(angle c is the angle considered here)

Hypotenuse = AC
Opposite = AB

Adjacent = BC

Sin = opp/hyp

Cos = adj/hyp

Tan = opp/adj


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