Classwork – 26 – 11 – 2012, Monday

26 Nov

Mathematics :

We did some questions on trigonometry but they cannot be uploaded because of the symbols.

Social Studies :

We discussed all the questions of “Britain is Industrialized”.

They are also not uploaded because they can easily be found in the textbook.

IF you want the pages of the book, go to GLG.

Science :

Objective :

To learn about the position of metals and non-metals and their properties.

Properties of Metals 

  • Strong
  • Malleable and Ductile
  • Reacts with oxygen to form basic oxide
  • Sonorous
  • High melting and boiling points
  • Good conductors of heat and electricity
  • Mainly solids at room temperature – exception mercury at room temperature
  • Shiny when polished
  • High Density

Properties of Non-Metals 

  • Brittle
  • React with oxygen to form acidic oxides
  • dull sound when hit by hammer
  • Low melting and boiling points
  • Poor conductors of electricity and heat
  • Solids, Liquids,Gases at room temperature
  • Dull looking
  • Low Density



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