Classwork – 7 – 1 – 2013, Monday

7 Jan

Science :

Topic : Compounds and their Elements

Objective : To know what compounds are and to understand how it differs from elements.

Draw this table in your notebook :
(download and zoom in the picture if you are unable to read the text)


Social Studies :

Objective : To learn about the reasons for the change of weather and climate around the world.

Outcome : Will be able to find out the reasons for the changes in world climate.

(copy the table on page # 22 from your geography textbook)

Mathematics :

Topic : Simultaneous Equations

Objective : To find the exact solution of two unknown by using the elimination method.

Simultaneous means that two equations are both satisfied by the same values of x and y.

Steps :

  1. Name the equation.
  2. Check the variables with the same coefficient.
  3. If the signs are the same, subtract.
  4. If the signs are different, add.
  5. Simplify the equation and find the value of one variable.
  6. Substitute the value in anyone of the equations and find out the value of the second variable.

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