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No More Homework and Classwork will be uploaded !

15 Apr

After discussing with members of the class and with blog assistants, we have come to the conclusion that the homework and classwork of everyday will not be updated. And since, we did not observe good views on the homeworks and classsworks updated, we hope that does not cause any inconvenience.

Thank you for your support.


A dead end ?

7 Jan

The school is scheduled to close in June 2014 –

Students are trying their best to stop the school from closing – signing petitions and liking pages on facebook, tweeting – we have got the social networking sites covered – with more than 450 likes and we aim for more !

Click below to like the page on facebook :

Or include #KeepTWS in your tweets !

We will miss this………..

Sign the petition here :

Holidays – So near Yet so Farfetch’d !

18 Dec

Holidays are nearing in !
One day away !
what are your plans ?
going to visit homeland ?
or stay relaxed at home ?

make sure to share with others in the comments !

A Big Day Ahead !

28 Nov

Tomorrow is gonna be an awesome day with flags of UAE flying all over the place. We will be having special events as well !

Here is some info :

  • Sigma House is supposed to wear white shirts.
  • Alpha house is supposed to wear black shirts.
  • And gamma and beta are to wear red and green (not sure about this)

Well, we are gonna have fun, so dont think twice over being absent !

Elections Over ! Results Revealed !

20 Sep

The Class Council Elections took place on 20 – 9 – 2012.

Below are the results of the Elections :

President : Varad Kshirsagar.

Vice President : Muhammad Emaaz Azim Jaffry.

Class Monitor : Shabeeh Chaman.

Prefect : Haris Anwar.

Student Welfare : Muhammad Tanzeel.

House Secretary : Abdullah Aziz.

Congratulations Guys !!!

Time Table Change

18 Sep

The Old Time Table…

Is Replaced with the new one…


If  you have any comments, corrections or suggestions please tell the Administrators in the class.

Below is the newly updated Time Table :

Click Here to download the Latest Time Table