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No More Homework and Classwork will be uploaded !

15 Apr

After discussing with members of the class and with blog assistants, we have come to the conclusion that the homework and classwork of everyday will not be updated. And since, we did not observe good views on the homeworks and classsworks updated, we hope that does not cause any inconvenience.

Thank you for your support.


Are you doing your bit ?

8 Jan
Well, the school is closing – have you done your bit to stop it from such a fate ?
This school has been home to more than 5000 pupils all of whom will find it extremely difficult to find a new school with low fees……..
And some pupils may even have to leave UAE for their good and same goes for the teachers – they will get unemployed and searching for a job in UAE isn’t easy work either.
Well, i am doing my best to stop this from happening – i have done a few things which i would like to show you :

My message to His Highness :

My email to KHDA :