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Check out the comics !

15 Apr

Lots of new comics have been uploaded in the Comics page. Make sure to check ’em out !


The Pause in Posting

11 Mar

Sorry for the long pause between the posts but it was due to password problems – but now that we are back to routine, expect a lots of posts !

Keep Visiting the blog OFTEN !

Meteorite falls in Russia – Thousand People Injured !

18 Feb


4 Feb

Play a Word Search Game !

Click Here

PLay the magic square game !

Click Here

Play a basketball game related to Mathematics !

Click Here

Minecraft – the best of the pixelerated games !

4 Feb

Click Here to download Minecraft SPĀ 

Click Here to download Minecraft Normal Version


An Amazing painting by Saad Nadeem !

4 Feb


27 Jan

Well – this is awesome – this is the 100th blog post !!

And along comes a good news, we had a blog review for this term and i pretty much think we emerged victorious !

Other blogs did great as well but i think our blog made a great impression on the judges !

Please provide more support to the blog so that we can make it to the very top !

Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H’s birthday !

27 Jan

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday was celebrated 2 days ago – here is an extract from Global Times :

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

17 Dec


Homework – 16 – 12 – 2012, Sunday

16 Dec