News Updates

Parent Consultation Day 

Parent Consultation Day is coming soon on 20th of December…
volunteers will be on duty and will assist the parents.

Sports Day Coming Soon !

The sports day is coming soon – try to participate in as much as you can !

Parade of Field Trips

We have already had two field trips this term.

One to the blue mosque and other to the London dairy ice cream factory.

We are hoping for more !!

KHDA Week Begins

KHDA week has begun from this Sunday and will last a week.

Try to show your best for a good reputation.

A Long Holiday !

School closes on Thursday because of 1st Muaharram – 3 days holiday !!

Time Table Change Yet Again !

The Class Time Table has been edited again. The details will be available tomorrow.

Time Table Change

The Class Time table has been edited a bit.Click on the Headline for details.

Elections Over ! Results Revealed !

The Elections are now over and the results have been announced. Click on the headline to see details.

    Surprise, Surprise !

Maths Surprise test is coming up, watch out for it !

      Elections Nearing !

The Class Council elections are nearing in ! Decide who will you Vote for !



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