Homework – 7 – 1 – 2013, Monday

7 Jan

Science :

Answer question 2b on page number 63 in your notebook.

Social Studies :

Take two cut outs from any newspapers on the topic “Extreme Weather”.


Classwork – 7 – 1 – 2013, Monday

7 Jan

Science :

Topic : Compounds and their Elements

Objective : To know what compounds are and to understand how it differs from elements.

Draw this table in your notebook :
(download and zoom in the picture if you are unable to read the text)


Social Studies :

Objective : To learn about the reasons for the change of weather and climate around the world.

Outcome : Will be able to find out the reasons for the changes in world climate.

(copy the table on page # 22 from your geography textbook)

Mathematics :

Topic : Simultaneous Equations

Objective : To find the exact solution of two unknown by using the elimination method.

Simultaneous means that two equations are both satisfied by the same values of x and y.

Steps :

  1. Name the equation.
  2. Check the variables with the same coefficient.
  3. If the signs are the same, subtract.
  4. If the signs are different, add.
  5. Simplify the equation and find the value of one variable.
  6. Substitute the value in anyone of the equations and find out the value of the second variable.

A dead end ?

7 Jan

The school is scheduled to close in June 2014 –

Students are trying their best to stop the school from closing – signing petitions and liking pages on facebook, tweeting – we have got the social networking sites covered – with more than 450 likes and we aim for more !

Click below to like the page on facebook :

Or include #KeepTWS in your tweets !

We will miss this………..

Sign the petition here :

Holidays – So near Yet so Farfetch’d !

18 Dec

Holidays are nearing in !
One day away !
what are your plans ?
going to visit homeland ?
or stay relaxed at home ?

make sure to share with others in the comments !

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

17 Dec


Homework – 16 – 12 – 2012, Sunday

16 Dec


Classwork – 16 – 12 – 2012, Sunday

16 Dec

The Start of a new Term !

16 Dec

Our exams have finished and now it’s time to look forward to achieve more ’cause the 2nd term exams are at the blink of an eye !
So, tie your laces, buckle up your shoes, tighten your belt and get ready for a new term filled with excitement !!

Exams are Over !!

13 Dec

Exams are finished  !!!
This calls for a party !!
Have your say, guys !!

Google admits our awesomeness !

6 Dec
I had to submit our blog to the search engine Google to list it in their directories.
Even though Google took some time to reply, we have finally got our site listed in Google !!
Just type in “learning bay 8” in the search box !
Here are the results :

Our Blog is listed in the first page and it's the first site too !